The Maritime Company’s Virtual CFO

Your most valuable asset is your peace of mind.

At Rigby Financial Group, we help leaders in the maritime industry build thriving businesses and exceed their business and personal goals through holistic, customized financial solutions.

We can help you if…

✔ You feel overwhelmed and isolated as a marine business owner.
✔ You’re tired of explaining the marine industry to accountants who don’t get it.
✔ You’re coasting: feeling in the dark about your actual revenue and expenses.
✔ You’re struggling with decision making. Should you rent or buy barges? Should you open a warehouse? Should you be dry docking your own boats?
✔ You’re still looking for the right niche in the marine industry.
✔ You could use a fresh perspective on what you’re doing and where you’re headed.

With a vCFO on your team, you can stop hoping you’re on the right track and start knowing.

Together, we’ll design a business and an individual financial strategy that will drive the results you want and build the confidence you’ve been missing.

Using our proprietary DERIV process, we’ll develop a plan tailored to your unique life: your dreams, your fears, your expectations, your business goals, your family dynamics. It all matters to us, because it all matters to you.

Let’s figure out exactly where you are and where you want to be, and then carve out a clear, intentional path from A to B.

Are you ready to get real about your financial life?

Maritime Companies

“Eric approaches the problem from the perspective of a business owner, not an outside consultant. His concurrent attention to detail and ability to focus on the big picture is a skillset I am very happy to have in my corner. “ – Charles C.

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Services tailored to Maritime Companies include:

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