Navigating the Future – From Uncertainty to Certainty – Emerging Trends

10 June 2016

Since the Great Recession of 2008, the environment for businesses has been in rapid flux. VUCA, coined to describe this environment, stands for:

• Volatility
• Uncertainty
• Complexity
• Ambiguity

So, the question is: how do we navigate the VUCA waters to get you where you want to go?

Answer: the 5 Cs:

• Context
• Certainty
• Capacity
• Competence
• Core Purpose & Beliefs

And we arrive at the 5 Cs via our capacity to be aware, predictive, and adaptive to emerging trends. Some of the current and future trends Rigby Financial Group projects are:

1. Technology. Obviously.

Technology is an increasing factor in all aspects of our lives. Technological developments can be both beneficial and disruptive – often at the same time! Two of the ways technology affects us:

• Business – technology is pushing us to move from software “systems of record,” built to exist only on our servers toward newer, cloud-based, social-analytics integrated “systems of engagement.” Think: hotels versus AirBnB, taxi cabs versus Uber.

• Life span – medical innovation, better access to nutritional information, these are just two of the ways technology is working to lengthen, and improve the quality of, our lives. In addition, robots are currently being tested for use in health-care – to administer medicines and physical therapy to sedentary patients.

2. Tax Increases. Unfortunately.

Based upon the current state of U.S. finances (our national debt has doubled since the Great Recession, and deficit spending is predicted to continue), we cannot pretend an increase in individual income tax rates is unlikely.

In addition, we believe the estate tax exclusion will decrease from its current level of $5,450,000.

While we cannot predict the timing of these projected tax increases, at present we think the likeliest timeframe is 2 – 4 years.

3. Interest Rate Increases. Inevitably.

The current, extreme-low interest rates cannot continue; they are unsustainable in the long-term. Since Federal interest rates appear to be at least somewhat impacted by the political climate, it is impossible to predict with accuracy when, or by how much, the rates will increase, but we believe they are all but certain to rise in the fairly near future.

These trends are “macros,” and, while it is imperative to recognize them, equally important to planning are the “micros.” The “micros” are all about you – your unique self, your unique family, your unique business.

Call us to find out how RFG can help integrate the “macros” with your unique “micros,” to enable you and your business to navigate these trends, strategically maximize any opportunity to benefit from them, and minimize potential negative impacts.

Together, we will create and implement an individually-tailored strategy, designed and fine-tuned for your unique needs, to extract the maximum benefits while minimizing any potential negative consequences from these “macro” trends.

The above represents general advice. When it comes to planning, one size does not fit all. Rigby Financial Group provides highly individualized, specifically tailored plans for individuals and businesses. Please contact us for advice and assistance in creating a specialized plan that suits your unique situation.


The information presented here is not specific to any individual’s personal circumstances.

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