The Second Biggest Issue We See With Not Having a Virtual CFO – And How To Overcome It!

9 October 2019

At RFG, we have worked in-depth with a wide variety of closely-held business owners. One thing they almost all have in common is that at times they become overwhelmed by their many and differing responsibilities. That is natural, I think – running a business is hard work!

One result of feeling overwhelmed can be that, from time to time, entrepreneurs feel like an island – isolated. Trying to make important business decisions in this state of mind can be frustrating, and potentially harmful.

As a trusted business advisor, your virtual CFO can help you build a bridge to the mainland, calmly, rationally. You may want to keep your island refuge for rejuvenation from time to time – in fact, you probably should.

But wouldn’t you like a resource to take some of your responsibilities off your plate?

While final decisions are – and should be – yours alone, wouldn’t you find it helpful to have someone who has taken the time to fully understand your business and your needs provide you with a fresh, objective eye – and empirical data – before you make those decisions?

Whether you are considering:

. a new business segment

. a major asset purchase

. a change in business strategy

. a key hire or

. a significant decision affecting your business and its finances

Your vCFO will analyze the ins and outs, the potential pros and cons, collaboratively with you, and we will develop an executive summary of recommendations which are in the best interests of your business, upon which you can base a confident and informed decision. Then, your vCFO will collaborate with you to devise strategies to implement your strategy.

This can make a major difference in your outcomes. You are the expert in your field of business – as a doctor, a technology CEO, or a real estate investor – but your vCFO is the expert in the financial and consulting field. Two expertises, working together, are better than one.

At RFG, we love this collaborative process. We love working with you to determine the advisability and timing of capital spending plans, whether expansion is right for your business just now, which sort of employee will bring your business the most benefit. We will consider all the facts and circumstances – relative to your business, your needs, and the state of the market. We will bring you that set of empirical facts, taken always in light of your unique business and goals, so that you can determine your best course of action. And we will help you make that decision and then implement strategies to make it concrete reality.

As a business owner, what decisions would you most like assistance with?

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PS – Next week – Join us for a discussion on the third biggest problem we see when a business does not have a virtual CFO.