An Umbrella is Not a Satsuma

27 November 2019

An umbrella is a wonderful thing. Carry one, and you can keep the rain off your head. But it’s not much good at providing you with vitamin C – for that, citrus fruit works a lot better. A satsuma, in turn, won’t keep you dry.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about dashboards, which are a great tool to help business owners keep abreast of what’s happing with their companies. We are currently working with a dashboard application called Tableau.

But dashboards won’t do much for someone who needs a financial or an estate plan – for these clients, appropriate tools might be a statement of personal net worth, recommendations for asset allocation, a trust for their descendants’ benefit, etc.

Do you find, in your business, that you keep reaching for the hammer because it is in your toolbelt and you are used to using it? Try slowing down, as you tackle your next project – you might find a wrench, or a screwdriver, will serve you better in some situations.

Whether you are contemplating starting a new business segment, forecasting sales or costs, or evaluating your cash flow, choose the best tool for the job, not just the most convenient or familiar one.

If you have questions on what tools will be best for which project or task, please click here to email me directly – I would love to help!

Happy Thanksgiving!