CFO Advisory Services

Trusted advice on your terms!

When your business needs CFO services, RFG, as your most trusted business advisor, is here to help.

  • Virtual CFO Services: Business owners wear many hats; often “experienced CFO” is not among the hats which fit best. RFG offers a solution – let us act as your CFO. These services are completely adjustable to your needs – from consultation on cash-flow improvement to strategic management coaching. Our consultants take the time to understand your unique business, its structure, its culture, your goals. We listen to you – where is your business right now, and where do you want to take it?

  • Equity Management Consulting: At RFG, we are proud to be our clients’ most trusted business advisor. Whether you have questions about your stock options, or are trying to raise capital, we are here to provide answers. We understand just how important it is to get equity management right, both for you and your organization, and for your employee-participants – and we know that means listening to you first – your take on the present and your goals for the future.

  • Strategic Planning: For businesses experiencing growth and expansion, the added layers and complexities can be daunting. Let RFG help you grow and evolve smoothly. We provide evaluations of your employees and corporate culture; your policies, processes, and procedures; and your technology, to drive your company’s innovations, increase productivity, and improve your internal controls. We do this by listening, assessing, analyzing, reporting, and and making recommendations. And, with regard to our recommendations, we will not only provide them, but help you implement them - we are here through every step for you.

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