Financial Coaching and Facilitation

Providing insight to guide you and your business through financial challenges

Business Financial Consulting

The “business” of business often leaves little time to step back, analyze the bigger financial picture, and refocus. This is where an experienced financial coach can make a tremendous difference. By listening, observing and asking the right questions, Rigby Financial Group’s financial coaches can help you begin a new kind of conversation – one that helps you pinpoint where you want your business to go, and shows you how to get there.

RFG’s coaches are far from stereotypical consultants, spending a few hours with you, delivering a cookie-cutter report that’s supposed to solve all your business’s problems, then disappearing. Our approach is long-term, collaborative, and tailored to your business, as it is now and as you want it to become. We address, not only the “hard” financial goals, but also organizational goals such as better team building, communication, trust and confidence. Remember, you are only as good as your team.

Personal Financial Coaching

Most of us know we need to focus on both short- and long-term goals, and determine how to achieve them. But the responsibilities of life – as well as personal setbacks and other events – often leave us wondering if we’re headed in the right direction.

Whether you need personal financial planning assistance, help with debt management, or a sensible, workable resolution to a divorce or bankruptcy proceeding, Rigby Financial Group can help. As your personal financial coach, we are here to ask the right questions, determine which outcomes will best meet your needs, and provide the support and counsel you need to get there.

Coaching and Facilitation

Whether your company is navigating a complex financial situation or you simply want to broaden your team’s financial knowledge and enhance their abilities, Rigby Financial Group offers a broad range of financial coaching and facilitation services to ensure your company makes the right financial moves with a strategic eye toward the future.

Coaching and facilitation services include:

  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Business Turnaround Services

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