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Chainsaw or Scalpel?

5 June 2019

We all know that you use a chainsaw to clear timber and a scalpel to perform surgery.

But in solving business and financial issues, I think we need to take time to understand our clients lives before we choose the tools appropriate to help them.

After all, a surgeon must choose the appropriate instrument for the surgical procedure:

General Surgery – The #10 blade is commonly used for large, straight incisions.

Plastic Surgery – Uses rhinoplasty knives, facelift scissors, and various bone and cartilage shaping tools.

Bariatric Surgery – Both sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgeries are almost always performed using minimally invasive techniques—either laparoscopic surgery or robotic-assisted surgery.

At our firm, surgeons and real estate investors come to us seeking solutions set within the framework of their existing lives – they have careers, families, assets, and liabilities, along with hopes, dreams, and goals for their futures. Our first need is to understand their lives and goals.

One (hypothetical) professional wants a plan to see his four sons through college, and retire to a horse ranch in Montana.

Another dreams of owning an Oregon winery. A third envisions putting her daughter through medical school and downsizing cozily in her home city.

God is in the details – and so is the devil. When we come to dealing with people’s lives, their dreams, their aspirations – not to mention their futures – we want the most up to date, efficient tools and technology to define and deliver precisely tailored solutions to our clients.

What tools do you use, and for which purposes?

Please click here to email me directly – I would love to know your thoughts.

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