The Real Estate Professional’s Virtual CFO

Your confidence is our goal. Know where you are and how to get where you’re going.

At Rigby Financial Group, we provide expert financial analysis for investors who own commercial or residential real estate.

Our services include:

• Deal analysis
• Cash flow analysis
• Tax analysis
• 1031 exchanges
• Business tax returns
• Individual tax returns
• Comprehensive tax planning
• Financial planning

With Rigby Financial Group on your team, you can go into your real estate purchases and sales with your eyes opened to all possibilities, and a firm grip on your cash flow and tax consequences.

Together, we’ll design a strategy to move you toward the future of your vision, using our unique processes and focusing on your unique goals.

Are you ready to move to the next level of confidence?

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“Eric approaches the problem from the perspective of a business owner, not an outside consultant. His concurrent attention to detail and ability to focus on the big picture is a skillset I am very happy to have in my corner. “ – Charles C.

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Services tailored to Real Estate Professionals include:

Virtual CFO Services

Get hours back into your day by offloading your financial tasks.

Tax & Accounting Services

Never worry about missing a deduction or a deadline.

Transaction Advisory

Minimize risk and increase value.

Financial Planning

The RFG Wealth Building Process

Business Consulting

Grow with confidence.