Virtual CFO Services for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

RFG is your most trusted business advisor – your right hand.

From new start-ups to long-standing business concerns, RFG can devise strategies to help your business grow.

Are your company’s day-to-day activities aligned with your big-picture, long-term goals and strategies? Let RFG help you find out – and make sure the answer is “yes.”

RFG is your most trusted business advisor – let us be your sounding board and counsellor as you explore making major decisions – the purchase of major assets, adding to your team, or expanding into new markets. We will analyze potential outcomes before you make your move, minimizing surprises.


“I am way less stressed about the financial controls around the business. I am confident that the right processes are in place and I am making decisions based on the right data.” – Charles C.

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Services tailored to Entrepreneurs & Business Owners include:

Virtual CFO Services

Get hours back into your day by offloading your financial tasks.

Tax & Accounting Services

Never worry about missing a deduction or a deadline.

Transaction Advisory

Minimize risk and increase value.

Financial Planning

The RFG Wealth Building Process

Business Consulting

Grow with confidence.