A Process to Scale or Sell Your Closely Held Business

By Eric Michael Rigby, CPA/PFS

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Eric Michael Rigby has enjoyed running his own business for close to 30 years. He loves getting to know clients on a deep level, which in part accounts for the fact that many of RFG’s clients have been with the firm for decades.

Eric takes joy and satisfaction in devising strategic, holistic solutions, solving problems to improve clients’ lives, both professional and personal. Most of his working hours are spent meeting with clients to discover how he can best help them, and then devising the strategic solutions which will provide that help – to ultimately improve every area of their lives.

He is also dedicated to his firm and team, and their shared vision for the future, as well as RFG’s firm culture – which encourages every team member to grow and develop both new and existing skills, as well as to enjoy their personal time fully.

Eric lives by what he preaches – his core values of service, teamwork, and making time for both work and the invaluable recreation afforded by time spent with family and friends.

In ‘How You Get Your Business Flywheel Spinning‘, Eric Rigby distills years of entrepreneurial success into actionable strategies for scaling or selling your business. This book is your roadmap to understanding the key elements of a business flywheel and leveraging them for maximum growth.

Key Benefits for your business

  • Discover the framework to continuously drive your business forward.
  • Learn how to identify and capitalize on your business’s unique strengths.
  • Prepare your business for a successful sale with insider tips.

“A game-changer for entrepreneurs.”
– Jane Smith, CEO of ABC Corp.

“John Doe’s insights are invaluable for any business owner.”
– Mike Brown, Founder of XYZ Solutions.

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