The RFG Virtual CFO Process

Do you need a virtual CFO – someone to be there and help guide you along the way as you grow your business?

If you are a closely-held business owner in the marine business, a real estate investor, a medical doctor who performs surgery, or a technology company, then RFG might be a good place to start a conversation about virtual CFO services.

Let RFG help – we are here to be your Virtual CFO and your most trusted business advisor.


You and RFG make first contact, and we decide together whether we are a right fit. If the answer is “yes,” then we schedule a time for your initial Virtual CFO strategy session.

Virtual CFO Strategy Session

At this vCFO strategy session,which is estimated to take 2 to 4 hours, we will sit down together to discuss your business, its overall strategy, its market, and the dangers, opportunities, and strengths facing your business. We will discuss broadly where you want your business to be at the end of the next 12- and 24-month periods, and what that vision looks like. Specifically, what steps must occur for us to make that 12-month vision, and that 24-month vision, a reality? What transformational strategies do we need to deploy to make this happen, and what obstacles do we need to overcome?

Develop Priorities and Action Items for the Next 90 days

Following our initial vCFO strategy session, and based upon our discussions, RFG will request information from you, such as:

  • Your last 2 years’ financial statements,
  • Your last 2 years’ tax returns,
  • Your current retirement plan statement,
  • Any loan documents,
  • Cash flow statements,
  • Business plans, and
  • Any other relevant documentation.

We will review and analyze this information; we may contact you if we have questions. We will develop a list of priorities and action items to be implemented over the next 3 to 12 months (we will do this every quarter).


We will then meet with you, go over our findings, and discuss what level of vCFO services you would like to implement – such as tax return preparation and tax planning, outsourced accounting services, personal financial planning, strategic planning, and / or special projects. RFG is deeply experienced in all of these services, and is positioned to be your most trusted business advisor. Based on these discussions, if you would like to move forward, we will develop a 12-month structured proposal and a fixed price agreement. RFG will then prepare an interactive management dashboard for you, using a client-centered software with which we can both view the status of projects.

Ongoing Communication and Collaboration

In order to properly function, the vCFO process requires that you keep us in the loop at all times. To be proactive on your behalf, we need to be up to the minute on all developments in your business. We need to know your plans as you make them, opportunities or dangers as they arise. In addition, we will review your plan, monitor your progress, and ensure that the plan continues to provide the best path forward to your personal and business objectives.

“I am way less stressed about the financial controls around the business. I am confident that the right processes are in place and I am making decisions based on the right data.” – Charles C.

One of the biggest drivers of personal wealth and business value is having a Virtual CFO who acts as your trusted business advisor. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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