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Thankfulness in Difficult Times

23 November 2022

As we approach this Thanksgiving, the third since COVID-19 hit us, we may find it harder to be grateful than we would like. The economic news is not and has not been great, and the rumblings indicate that the numbers aren’t going to get much better in the near-term. However, although we are in a recession, the economic indicators point toward a slower increase of interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve, and suggest that inflation is – slowly – being tamed.

While the impact of COVID has been largely mitigated by vaccines, boosters, and natural immunity, we are experiencing an early start to flu season, with cases surging throughout the United States, and other respiratory viruses rearing their heads as well.

But there are always reasons to be thankful if we look for them.

If we and our loved ones have survived the past three years, that’s an enormous reason for thanksgiving.

We’re looking forward to a traditional Louisiana Thanksgiving feast at my parents’ home – and I’m grateful for that, as there are many people who lack enough to eat.

My daughter graduated from college this year – I couldn’t be prouder of her (nor could her mother), and Jennifer and I are so grateful to have raised and experienced this lovely, gifted, achieving young lady.

I am thankful to have been smart enough to choose a magnificent life-partner in Jennifer, and even more that she accepted my heart and hand.

I’m grateful to my parents, who raised me with good values and provided me with excellent role models.

JazzFest’s triumphant return this past April, following the festival’s cancellation in 2020, its postponement and eventual cancellation in 2021, is another reason I’m thankful this year – and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same.

I’m thankful for New Orleans, the beautiful city where I make my home, and for its wonderful sense of community, which rears its lovely head at the unlikeliest moments. For the dear friends who enrich my life immeasurably.

So, this Thanksgiving, I’ll celebrate with a full and humble heart, mindful that my blessings are many, and that there are those less fortunate among our community.

And I will strive to carry that mindful, grateful humility into the New Year, working toward becoming the best version of myself, and making my home, my family, and my community even better places to live.

What will you be giving thanks for this year?

Please click here to email me directly – I’d love to know what’s on your gratitude list.

Until next Wednesday –



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