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This Thanksgiving, Let’s Keep it Kind

15 November 2023

Thanksgiving 2023 is almost upon us. People are cleaning house, making groceries, washing the good china and crystal. And sharpening their knives.

Sad to say, actual cutlery isn’t all that’s being sharpened. I have noted that, for the past several years, newspapers are giving advice on how, and not whether, to introduce politics at the holiday table.

I am totally against that. While we must, of course, respect one another’s beliefs and opinions, holiday celebrations are, in my humble opinion, for enjoying the company of loved ones, sharing the feast, and, in general, times for positive, loving, generous impulses.

These are times to celebrate what we have in common, not to harp on what divides us.

To be grateful for shared bonds of blood, of affinity, of memory and affection, not to focus resentfully on differences of opinion.

It’s true that, especially in large families, we may not like every single relation equally. But they are our family – and don’t we have love for all of them, even the difficult people? Remember, the difficult may in fact be struggling in their lives (we all struggle, in our own ways) and need love at least as much as the easier-going – perhaps more, while they struggle.

So, this Thanksgiving – and indeed, this holiday season – let’s leave politics – and any other resentments – in the hall with our overcoats, or better still, outside on the porch.

And enjoy each other, the chance to gather together, and the shared feast, with kindness, gratitude, and love in our hearts.

Of course, if what you most want this Thanksgiving is to pare down your Christmas list, raising politics at the family holiday table might be a very good way to do that. But is that what you really want at holiday time? To sow pain and discomfort?

A little humanity, and a little empathy, go a long way!

How are you celebrating this Thanksgiving? Please click here to email me directly – I’d love to know your plans.

Until next week –



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