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Thoughts on Hurricane Florence

19 September 2018

With Hurricane Florence coming toward the Carolina coast late last week, its ultimate path uncertain, I rescheduled a trip to Atlanta last Wednesday. My fear was that Delta would move their planes out of their Atlanta hub and harm’s way and I might be stuck in Atlanta for the weekend. I had made big plans (for me) on Saturday to watch the LSU vs Auburn football game and head to Mosca’s Italian restaurant later that evening with a great group of friends.

We New Orleanians are all too well-acquainted with hurricanes, and the destruction they leave in their wake. And many of us, too, think about insurance coverage on our homes, buildings and contents during Hurricane season.

I recently analyzed my own property coverages, with the very able assistance of Lauren Steinhardt of Gillis, Ellis & Baker, and discovered that, despite my best efforts and those of my prior insurance agent, my coverages could be improved significantly.

My deductible for wind and hail damage was 5%, versus a current market rate of 2%.

On property damages not caused by wind and hail, I had a deductible of $1,000 on my home. Now, I am extremely unlikely to submit a property insurance claim for $1,000, nor even $5,000. So, I can take a significantly higher deductible in stride.

This was my own fault. Prior to this review I had not done a great job of analyzing my renewals, it was more like I glanced at the quotes and signed all the paperwork.

With Lauren’s help, I found I could save over $10,000 annually on my insurance cost. How many of us could save a significant amount of money simply by thoroughly reviewing our coverages and policy details more thoroughly?

I recommend a review of your property, auto and contents insurance coverages, every year, and well before your renewal date(s). Remember, you can buy excess flood insurance in many markets.

You might, like me, find that you can make adjustments that will save you a substantial sum. Or, you might find you haven’t updated your coverages to take improvements you’ve made to your home or property, artwork or other valuables you’ve purchased, into account.

In any event, it’s worth taking the time to make sure your coverage is thorough, and that the details are appropriate for you. Not a generic insurance client, but you – tailored to your unique circumstances and situation.

If you would like assistance with this, I would highly recommend contacting Lauren Steinhardt. Her direct line is 504.619.5082; her email is I have been very pleased with our interactions and her results.

What are your thoughts on taking time to review important details when you are busy? I would love to hear from you! Please click here to email me directly.

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