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Talent – or Skill?

11 March 2020

Talent or skill – and what is the difference? For me, talent – the aptitude(s) one is born with – is a gift. Skill is something we learn, by precept and by practice.

I’m a great believer in finding and using your “unique ability.” However, you can learn to improve your skills in areas which you don’t have a natural talent for, which is often a necessity in life. You must also make sure to learn the skills you need to actually develop your talent or unique ability and use it to purpose, so that the gift is not wasted.

We’ve all seen exceptionally talented people fail to make the grade in the real world. A student who gets straight As without studying may find, sooner or later, that he has not learned how to learn. A young athlete who bests her competition from a very early age without working hard eventually may see harder-working competition beat her, even if they are less talented, because she hasn’t learned how to develop her talent.

Martha Graham, legend of American dance, once said that everyone is born a genius, but not everyone finds out where that genius lies, for them. We should also remember what Albert Einstein said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

If you have discovered your unique ability, and you continue working to improve your utilization of it, count yourself among the world’s fortunate.

It’s the work that counts, that gives you real sweat-equity in your God-given talents, whatever they may be. And it’s in work – at your business, at your relationships with family, friends, and community, that you will find what and who you are truly meant to be.

If you want to explore further what your unique abilities might be, there are many tools available to help you understand them a bit better – Kolbe indices, and the Gallup Strengths Finder are two among many.

How do you choose to develop your talents and skills?

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