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What Are Virtual CFO Services?

7 November 2023
Virtual CFOs

Virtual CFO Services

Virtual CFO services are getting a lot of buzz, these days, but what, precisely are virtual CFO services?

And what can you expect of RFG in a virtual CFO relationship?

What Are Virtual CFO Services About, Really?

To  begin with, virtual CFO services are about you, the client, and your business. A virtual CFO will, in the normal course of events:

  • Provide high-level business financial forecasting and strategic planning to help your business grow in the direction you envision.

  • Review your financial statements and financial reports, and provide expert guidance.

  • Prepare (or review your own) forecasts on budgeting and cash flow.

  • Provide outsourced accounting services if necessary.

  • Advise on strategic business decisions – hiring, major purchases/rentals, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Provide strategic cash flow management.

  • Consult and advise on developing your company’s financial strategy to ensure future growth.

  • Be your most trusted business advisor, consulting with you on a regular, scheduled basis, and providing an outside, caring but objective eye to evaluate every aspect of your business to determine how to produce optimal results.

What Can You Expect From RFG as Your Virtual CFOs?

At RFG, we can provide all the above and more to our virtual CFO clients, including services such as:

  • In-depth tax planning and financial planning for your business – we’ll develop strategies to minimize your business’ income tax liabilities.

  • Tax planning and financial planning for you, personally – minimize your tax liabilities today and plan for tomorrow.

  • Succession planning for your business – it’s our belief that every business owner should have an exit strategy in place, whether you plan to sell or otherwise leave your business in the next 5 years, or intend to continue running it for decades to come. Because life happens, and we never know what’s around the corner. A good succession plan is, for one thing, an updated plan, tweaked periodically to reflect new realities.

  • Estate planning for you, personally. Protect and preserve your hard-earned assets for your loved ones, with counseling from a registered investment advisor (RIA).

  • Transaction advisory services, whether you want to sell your business, or grow it by acquisition, RFG is equipped to provide expert advice and hands-on participation in the process.

How We Begin – By Listening

Prior to entering into any agreement for services, RFG will confer with you in depth, minutely analyze prior tax returns and financials, and undertake market research in your industry, to determine how best to help your business grow as much and as safely as possible in an uncertain world.

Virtual CFO is a collaborative process, and we will always listen to you – it’s your individual, specific plans and goals we want to help you achieve. You will always get expert financial guidance from us, as these are the cornerstone of vCFO services, but we can provide much more, depending on your wants and needs.

Do I Need a Virtual CFO?


  • You have high and growing revenues (>$2.5 million) and no in-house CFO

  • You don’t have business and financial forecasts you can rely on

  • You know your business can do better, but with all your efforts it’s not producing what you believe it should

The answer may well be “yes.”

RFG’s Virtual CFO Process

Learn more about RFG’s vCFO process here.

Next Steps

If you aren’t sure, or simply want to explore your options, please schedule an initial call here.

If you are not quite ready for an initial call, please click here to email us directly – let us know how we can help you or what questions we can answer for you.

Until next time –



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